YSL New Flagship Counter at Seibu Grand Indonesia

August 09, 2012

Please enjoy my Vlog :)

YSL was  invited me to 'enjoying' their new Flagship Counter at Grand Indonesia. We (bloggers) are really well treated by YSL with all the products.

This Flagship counter have some sections which are Makeup,Skin care, and Perfume. From all that sections, my favorite part is Makeup section especially the Lipstick. See how they display all the lipstick shades... so adorable yet gorgeous :)

One of YSL's staff told me that this perfume have some magic power (?) this perfume can make you smell like a cute doll (?) ... emm, okay :) I believe when I smell this perfume. The scent quite soft and feminine. I love all of sweet perfume,,,

 I never know that YSL have a BB Cream. Well, this cream really booming and popular. I heard that Lancome also have a BB Cream.

 Play with some their nail polish :)

I also got Makeover by Hendra (their MUA at this counter)

What do you think ? Please leave a comment bellow :). Well honestly I don't really like (SORRY!) I really doesn't comfortable with heavy smokey...

So that's all :) If you go to Grand Indonesia don't forget to see their counter and go play with all of their gorgeous products :).

see ya <3

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  1. wave gw harusnya yang ala2 putri indonesia gt ya nekk.. LOL!

    1. ci ! videonya aneh yah ?? huaa udah diupload ampe 3 kali itu :(

  2. aaaaa.. lupa bebeem dirimuu deh akika, jd ga ketemu deh :" , next time harus meet up yaah *kecup*