Coverderm Classic Waterproof Foundation (Waterproof Test)[Video]

June 06, 2012

Hi, So here I am with new video and post. I do really satisfied with this product so far. This have a satin silky finish. If you asking me why this is so bright in my skin. Because it's have SPF 30 awchhhh !
I'm not say a good thing about this because coverderm gave me this. But it's pure from my mind.


The packaging is quite elegant but simple. It's comes with spatula and triangle sponge. The spatula have 2 sides. And also it's have a extra cover your so the products will guaranteed clean and hygienic.

Swatches & Waterproof test

This is the swatches for waterproof test ( Please kindly watch the video first to see the test )

The foundation a little bit gone. But, it's still in there. See how light the shade is ? but for some reason after a few minutes is matched with my skin tone.

Waterproof test, there's nothing in my towel right ? HOHO ! give a applause for the waterproof power.

Layer on 

Test on

a little bit story about my scar. I got it from my surgery. I have some problem with my organs inside my stomach. 

It's quite hide my scar, but yeah I don't need to hide this scar because it's on my belly HOHO !

Pros :
  1. It's have a lots of shade skin tone.
  2. 24 Hours long lasting
  3. SPF 30
  4. Hypoallergenic
  5. Doesn't felling so heavy in my face.
  6. Natural finish and also silky satin skin.
  7. Doesn't oily in my skin. 
Cons :
  1. Pricey :P
  2. A little bit hard to blend with brush. Try your FINGER ! IT'S WORKS ! 
Coverage Level : Highest & Pro

Repurchase ? I will if I have enough money, I want give it to my mom :P. She need a coverage HAHA !

That's it thanks a lot ! If you have any question please just let me know :). See you on the next post , God Bless

see ya <3

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  1. Nice... and you're so fast! Hahahaha... But I think the shade is a little bit too light for you. :)

    1. It's nothing than Phanie that faster than me. HAHA. You can see at the video I was shock when I finished apply it to my face. shocked because it's too light ! duhh. haha

  2. Replies
    1. Hay Raisa, yeah ! it's great hahaa. you can check out the price at here Coverdem Value Pack They have a promotion price. :)

  3. coveragenya bagussss cuman sayang harganya yang ga nguatin hehehe