Cleo Cinema Day with Revlon Event Report [Video]

July 09, 2012

Hi, so here's my event report about Cleo Cinema Day with Revlon. At 7th July 2012, Cleo and Revlon made a beauty event.  The event not only for Beauty Blogger but also Cleo Magazine Readers. We all watching The Amazing Spiderman staring by Emma Stone (Revlon Ambassador) and Andrew Garfield.

Yeah, Finally Revlon Photoready Airbrush available at Indonesia. You can find this foundation all around Revlon Counter start from Mid JULY 2012. It's still pre launching of Revlon PhotoReady airbrush foundation. But, I already saw a few of this products at Revlon counter 


The event start on 9 a.m. at Gandaria City IMAX XXI. Distance from Gandaria and my home is like a distance from earth to sky (I mean is too far). But thanks to papa Bella (CLICK TO SEE HER BLOG) for giving me a ride.

The movie was so amazing because it's 3D and free. Haha. Next after the movie end we need to went to Revlon Counter at Metro Department Store Gandaria City. The situation was so crowded because this event also not only for Beauty Blogger but also for Cleo Readers and the event held on their Counter which is not private.


This foundation come with 4 shades which is Shell, Medium Beige, Golden Beige, Natural Ochre. Actually in another countries this foundation have 8 shades.  I will explain it more about what is Airbrush effect ? and Foam Foundation on my coming up post with this Revlon Photoready on hand and also First impression of this Foundation. Stay tune by Following baby :*
Available MID JULY 2012 Rp 150.000 / $15
The Foundations texture is a foam that so light. I pump so hard at the first time and see how much the products comes !!! Need a hand control to pump the products out. And also because this foundation have a pigment photo chromatic. It's looks like you wearing a glitter that's helps your face reflect the light make your face more lighter and glowing :3.


We all know about how great all Revlon Foundation Collection but have you heard that Revlon made a primer before ? Sorry, but I never heard that before. And yeah this collection also have a primer. Face primer and Eye shadow primer.

Available AUGUST 2012

It's comes with 2 primer. Perfecting and Color correcting. Hey! What's the different ?

Perfecting Primer ? It's for Primer your face before your foundation. This primer helps to soften skin, reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines, and smooth skin texture and tone.

Color Correcting Primer ? to brighten skin and neutralize redness while evening out uneven skin tone.

Not only your face, But also your eyes area.
Available AUGUST 2012
This primer remind me of YSL Touch eclat. Because not only prim your eyes but also brighten up your face area. Use everywhere to brighten more your face and the packaging looks similar with YSL. Haha !

The difference with and without is like 1 : 10. But, when I try to smudge the eyeshadow that have a primer the eyeshadow also smudge and fall a little bit.

This Photoready Collection also comes with this two products that I forget to swatch on my hand hiks !! FORGIVE MEEE !

Available MID JULY 2012  Rp 100.000 / $10

Available MID JULY 2012 Price : coming soon
I really want to try this blush, Perfect for traveling and hey !! it's holiday right ? Why this perfect for traveling ? This blush pallet have 3 products inside which is blush, bronzer, and highlighter. AWRGH ! you know how junkie I am about blush on !

Also, The event not only launching their new product but also a Makeup Demo and Fashion show. One that I found here is the model looks already have a fair skin so... Yeah that's it Live Makeup demo... The MUA Oscar he made 3 looks which is Everyday, Classic, and Elegant.

Look at that a bunch of Goody bags. Inside that have a Revlon Colorsilk. Sadly I have a dark brown... I want a lighter shade :(.
Inside the goody bags and also Quiz games from Cleo.

Stop with product Pre- Review because the full review will be coming soon. Next, sudden BLOGGER GATHERING LOL

for scan I will post the picture on my Polaroid Updates

Thank you for read this long post ahaha ! I know some of my readers doesn't like to read the article, just see the picture. So, I put a lots of picture in here.

 see ya <3

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  1. What a great post! Thanks for the review dear ^^ Gonna try it soon. You have a great blog, mind to follow each other? :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

    1. Thank you :) Try when it's already available at Revlon Counter ya. ^^

  2. just wondering if my face hold those revlon thingy.. T______________T
    I dont know but the foundie, the concealer doesn't match my skin, I always get break out after use it
    *poor me*
    but really, it looks soooo 'yummy' hahaha lol
    anyway, following you now dear, mind to follow me back? <3

    p.s I adore your header as well


    1. just find your skin type first :) if you have a sensitive skin use a products that relate to sensitive skin :),

      Thank you !! I made that header about 2days !

  3. nice!

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  4. pretty :)) great post dear..
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  5. I really look forward to try the primer! ^^