Our Galaxy Nite

July 08, 2012

Hi, just want to share my Senior High School Prom Night :) yeai !

Finally, After 2 weeks prepared this event. I and all of my friends who are Prom Night committee works from morning 'till night. We choose the Event Organizer, Ballroom, Catering, until a tiny things like what kind of Ice cream flavor. Yeah, unexpectedly I chosen by all of Prom Night Committee as a chairman of the committee. Geez!! I okay la with that position but, until the night comes and I need to give a speech and yeah you know me... I can't do that and one of my friend said that "you was very nervous, everybody can see it" LOL.

At the day I went to have a facial with my mom (LOL).Then, I do all of my makeup and hair do by myself. I took 2 hours for do my Makeup and Hair. And yeah, When I do my makeup my lovely friends come. She is Jessica "My model at The golden dust video". She comes to me and she want me to do her hair... NO WAY.. but, fortunately I can do her hair LOL

Makeup and hair by Me (sorry for blur photos)

 and, This is me

Ow yeah I just want to warn you about this post. I'm gonna Spam a lots of picture xD

The prom night theme was "Our galaxy nite" and "Glow in the dark"
 After party....
I cried and sweated because of Flashback moment and Disco time.
I rub my eyes because my tears can't stop falling. HUEE !! I'm gonna miss you guys :( and of course my school Pahoa. Have a lots of unforgettable story.

I Gonna do a makeup tutorial about this looks and how I keep my makeup stay on and photofriendly.

Thank you and stay tune :*

see ya <3

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  1. so beautiful and sexy
    your prom sounds great dear :3

    hope you can come and see my blog

  2. marsha, aku ud follow km yaa.. :D


  3. Bagus ce natural banget xD
    Aku taun depan nih promnite hohoho, ga sabar deh liat tutorialnya :D
    Following you now
    Hope you can visit my blog ^^ http://yuristella.blogspot.com

  4. galaxy nite, so kewl! :D i've never been to promnite before so it's so exciting to see what other's like!

    1. :D yeai , thank you for coming by the way. Prom night is a must really :D