D'eyeko Princess Syahrini Lashes : Cendrawasih

May 24, 2013

"Inilah RAHASIA kecantikaku dan sekarang bisa jadi milikmu juga" said Syahrini, D'eyeko Lashes Designer for Princess Syahrini Lashes.

Beautiful dramatic line, with their new idea for combine two pairs of false lashes into one pair of lashes. Created by beautiful singer named Syahrini. One of trendsetter of drama queen of lashes in Indonesia.

D'eyeko being so kind to sent me two pairs of Princess Syahrini lashes. Let's take a look, shall we ?

I'm too clever to not take a picture of their packaging either the lashes (-.-). So, I just take some of the picture from D'eyeko Indonesia Website. I got mine in Cendrawasih and Merak, two of this lashes doesn't match with my eyes shape so I need to use scotch tape to make my eyes have a double eyelid (asian eyes problem).

The length of this lashes is "drama", perfect for you who wants big eyes with twinkle wipes of lashes when you blink (LOL). Cendrawasih itself is a bird with beautiful spikes tail. Maybe the lashes got inspired by Cendrawasih bird. Cendrawasih is really full lashes with spikes finish. I love how this lashes doesn't feeling heavy at all (surprisingly).

D'eyeko Premium Eyelashes always using 100 % real hair. As we know, synthetic lashes maybe looks really fake and too shiny when you take a flash photography. One of benefit using 100 % of real human hair lashes is looks very natural and blends perfectly with your real lashes.

Cendrawasih maybe too 'heavy' and dramatic for real asian eyes who doesn't have double eyelid. I need to use scotch tape, contact lens and under eyes lashes for make it balance and looks CETARRR!.

Before and After
MUA Undress me Too Pallete

Ough! I really love how my eyes really beautiful and HUGE on this picture above. Perfect. LOL!. Absolutely this is not type of natural everyday lashes. This is perfect for special event and moment such as maybe your Prom, Wedding, or your Graduation day :). Don't wear this kind of lashes when you are on date, boys hate everything fake. Stick with natural :P maybe on D'eyeko you can check their another series. Cherybelle series is the perfect one for looking natural.

Contact lens by @GITA_GEO (Review soon after this).


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  1. I love the lippies! What did you use?

    1. Hey ! I'm using Jordana lip liner in red, Too Cool for school Color lip crayon in fuchia and Flormar Supershine 130 ._.

    2. Whoa :O does the lip liner go all over the lips or only on the middle?
      Thanks :D

  2. Foto terakhir mirip titi kamal :3

  3. Wew, cocok juga yah, gak begitu cEtarrr/ dramatis .

    find me here: http://buleipotan.blogspot.com/

    1. iyah hehe aku pakai scotch tape lagi sama bulu mata bawah biar seimbang hehe :)

  4. It's look so natural on you and makes you more beautiful dear!
    Btw what kind of lighting did you use in here? Kinda so pretty circle light effect! ^.^


  5. dear, aku mau tanya km ada tutorial eyebrow ga? aku mau alis rapi kaya kamu tp ga bisa bikinnya

    1. Alis aku berantakan X( dan emang tebal jadi tinggal di fill in ajah hehe