Fail Makeup Tutorial (PROM)

May 17, 2013

As you can see the title, It does explain everything. I was make a video tutorial for prom night look, but it turns into totally FAIL!! just fail. But, I decided to upload it to my Youtube channel. LOL. Here's the story anyway.

If you are my fellow readers from my last year, here's my prom post PROM NIGHT.

So, why I called it fail ? "Ehem! Super fail marsha...." Okay let me explain. I recorded it at 11.30 P.M (hell yeah), I forget where my false lashes scissors so I didn't cut my false lashes, the lighting doesn't turn as I expected, I put too much foundation as you can see and tralala trilili. SO ! I just change the title into "Getting Ready for PROM"

The video itself is about me recreating my last prom makeup when I still on Senior High School, I'm using the same dress, and same eyes makeup but I change the entire complexion.


TCFS Pink Girl Jelly Base
Revlon Naked Foundation
Krayola Concealer
Etude House Dear My Blooming Pact
ELF Baked Blush
PAC Shading Blush


ELF Cream Eyeshadow (Dawn)
MUA Undress me too
Flormar Black Eyeliner
Maybelline Glossy Liquid Eyeliner
MAC False Lashes
Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes


Krayola Concealer 
Sariayu NIAS 002
Flormar Pretty Lip Gloss


  • Don't use any high SPF base makeup such as Foundation / Concealer. Use Photoready or non-spf Foundation. (Flash Photography friendly, trust me you gonna take a billion of photos with flash).
  • PRIMER IS A MUST!!! DUH!!! you gonna sweats, cry, dancing, rubbing your cheek, kiss your friend's cheek, hugging each other (imma an expert) LOL! seriously primer is a must. 
  • Shading is a must, flash photography will make your face flat. we want that dimension !!!
  • Come on girl, play with your falshies. I SWEAR! it will change your entire eyes shape. you eyes will be POP!! (lol) 
  • Use any WATERPROOF MAKEUP! same reason with 'primer thingy'
  • Brings your powder pact, lipstick, oil blotting paper, and perfume.. and panty liners LOL! (just in case) 
  • Dance as craycray as it feels like your favorite lipstick or blush is already hit the pan.

EUGH! Prom is super sweet, I want that moment again. Being so lame dancing together with all my senior high school friends, jumping around, crying together, do something stupid (confession time),  I just want to repeat that amazing moment again. It was super fun, seeking for you perfect dress prom, shoes, hair, makeup, nails, ANYTHING!. Together with your friends, try to match from head to toe, want to try as amazing, glamour, as we can. 

For me, making a prom event concept, searching for right Event Organizer, Venue, Catering, etc. I worked only with 5 amazing woman, and 1 trusted girl (Jessi jessi) that i carry on together everywhere when briefing, meeting with principal, go to our venue. LOL!!! 

Bye, and good luck and have a nice unforgettable prom!

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  1. marsha cantik banget, baguuus banget, alus make up nya xD

  2. Nice make up tips <3

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    XOXO, <3