COCO- Eye Lavender 3 Tone : GREEN

May 25, 2013

As usually, Every month one of this kind and trusted online shop called @gita_geo will sent me their contact lens for review. This time I got Green Contact lens from Lavender 3 Tone by Coco-Eye.

Beautiful pattern like diamond without bold ring black around the lens. Let's take a look :)

Plano , -0,5 sd -8,00
48% Water Resistance
Diameter : 22,0 mm. 

Is not one of my favorite contact lens, as you know the diameter is quite insane with 22 mm.... 15 mm contact lens already make my eyes go irritated. Because my eyes is Asian typical eyes which is small and smalll... So the diameter doesn't comfortable at all on my eyes.

I really love the design makes your eyes twinkling and sparkling like diamond. If you want larger eyes and sparkling eyes this one is perfect for you. Can't say it natural, but it blends with my eyes color, my dark brown pupil make the green looks so much darker.

Comfortable level is middle to low and it's quite easy to dry. You need to bring your eye drop for extra comfortable. I don't know if its only me or not, but one side of this lens is not comfortable at all for me ._0 actually it hurt my eyes. So I rinse the lens with cleaning solutions and soak it for a night, gratefully it become more comfortable than before.

ring light

Sun natural light

Rate : 3,75 / 5 (LOL)
Comfortable : 3 / 5 
Pattern : 5 / 5
Enlargement : YES !

Thank you Gita Geo, you can find the other type and series of popular contact lens such as Princess Mimi, Candy Princess, etc.



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