[Polaroids Update] I'm Officially

September 05, 2012

Hellow Everyone !!!
I'm a big liar, I tell of you guys to promise that last month (August) will have a tons of videos. But, I wrong! Sorry! too much event and things that I spend with my friends and family before I will start my College life ! (what ?! NOO). I made this post on my first day at college. So, Let's see what happen to me last month ?

I have a small-medium (LOL) reunion with my elementary school friends. Here's some photos taken by my friends camera. Yeah I don't bring my camera because it's too heavy.

Mellisa , Jessica , ME , Michelle , Angie , Aurel

Patrick , ME , Jessica , Michelle , Nanda
Just like I said before. I really spend a lots of time with my friends before all of us will separate.

That's my another girlfriends, Yeah I have a lot of girlfriends YEAI! That's Erin and Michelle. For about a week ago we always spend our time together. Since Erin and I still on our holiday, and Michelle still on her looonggg holiday before she study aboard.

and finally,
I'm officially a MABA (Mahasiswa Baru) or Freshman LOL!. For me college is another challenge, to make a new friends, new atmosphere, everything must be new. Honestly, I'm not a typical girl that easy to greet a new people. But, since I'm taking a communication major I need to learn how to make a good first impression and be ready to every situation.

So that's all ! I still post a beauty topics. I'm not lazy just doesn't have much time to sit calmly and write a new post ._. haha ! I'm kidding I already prepare some of makeup tutorial and review to write on this blog :D. 

well, Why don't you tell me how your first day at school or college ? just put a comment bellow :D
Have a good day my lovely readers and see you on my next post :*.

see ya <3

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  1. That's great that you guys spend lots of time together. It is important. I did that too before I left for college abroad. Hang out with my friends everyday. We talked, joked and just had amazing time. Lovely memories. Don't worry. College is fun but high school for me was A BLAST! If I have moments that I am allowed to relive, it would be high school and the birth of my children :) anyway, can't wait for your tutorial! Oh btw, i can't believe you cook spaghetti when u did your review on that foundation! Awesome though. :) take care

    1. Yeah! I also missed my senior high school memories. I really want to back to my high school if I can haha!. Yeah, don't miss it :D I will upload my makeup tutorial by this week or next week ^^. Thank you :D