Lancome Beauty Gathering + VLOGS

September 26, 2012

Hey, So this time I was invited to join Lancome Beauty Gathering (slash) Makeup duel. emm, actually I was registered to got the invitation. The event was at Atrium Mall Taman anggrek, Jakarta. I think it's a Matahari Departement Store beauty event.The event is for introduced their product which is Hypnose doll lashes mascara with a fun duel between two beauty blogger.hehe So, Here we go.

The event start at 10.30 a.m as usually I always be the first guest to registered. I don't know why I always on time on every event.

That is a card to vote between Carnelline and Hanna. Their having a Makeup Duel , for me it's just for fun but I don't what actually happens between them. LOL just kidding ;).

From the another Beauty event this the event that actually start on time. Well, I always made a vlogs for every Beauty event so the another blogger that doesn't come will know how the event situation LOL

The duel start between Carnellin and Hanna. Actually, they only share the concept and Lancome national MUA do the makeup likes what Carnellin and Hanna said.

and here, you can guess who is the winner :)

closing with two Russian models dancing as a doll

Lancome treats us with LOL

yeahh.. goodies
and !! haha! I'm so excited about this.... so, I also gonna having my makeup duel with my "sisters" from blogger she is Shella Sanjaya. we gonna having our duel at Glow Living beauty Plaza Indonesia. LOL ! I'm so scared even this is only just for fun between us. So, if you are the bloggers and already received my email. Please support us :) come and enjoy the "duel" LOL!

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