Hada Labo Launching Event + VLOGS

September 26, 2012

Hello, I was invited to Hada Labo Indonesia for their launching products. I think I don't need to say anything again with this brand, since my blog post about Hada labo always on blushoff's POPULAR POST.
Take a look this HADA LABO POST .

The event start at 18.00 / 6 p.m until 20.00 WIB. I was came with my blogger friend she is Shella Sanjaya oh my God, she really likes a sister for me. We always come and share the event together. Actually, I already came into the hotel at 3 p.m (LOL) because we also attendant another event at same day.  I won't write to much about this event here, because I made a video about this event. please take a look :)

If you watch the vlog carefully you can see a big box with white flash light inside it. It is like a 'magic machine' LOL, you can find your big pore or sunburn on your face. And wanna take a look my result ? Here we go

pretty face -_-

That's why I really don't like my big forehead, I think the sun know where to slap my face.

Then, all of us (bloggers) got a demo "how the hyaluronic acid (one of Hada Labo's ingredient) absorb the water" 

The water became thick consistency it's more likes a gel. If you buy or already tried Hada labo Night cream. The texture look pretty likes that. You also can see the demo at my VLOGS

and finally, Yes I won their doorprize which is Digital cam. LOL! all of the pictures on this blog was taken with my old camera that really suck because I always drop it accidentally. But, I swear for this time with this camera from Rohto / Hada labo i won't drop it. NEVER!!

Thank you Hada Labo, IBB, and all my readers :). Have a nice day.

see ya <3

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  1. woaa.. ngeri ya itu sunburn nya. tapi pengen deh coba machine nya..

    congrats ya sha kameranyaa :D


    1. iya ngeri banget. semejak itu sekarang kalau jalan kaki selalu pake payung :(.
      Thank you sarah :D

  2. wah,mantap videonyaa...
    Congrats Marsha..hahahaaaa..
    Samaa!! Lucky us..I won the digital camera Sony from Hada Labo too. check out my event report here .http://sheilasengkey.blogspot.com/2012/09/hada-labo-launching-product-event.html.
    Btw,ngedit fotonya pakai aplikasi apa yah?klo boleh tau..ini newbie banget,msh hrs bnyk blajar..heheheh..
    Nice blog...

    1. Hai sheila :D. yeaiiii kita sama berarti ^^. aku ngedit fotonya biasa pake photoshop atau editor photo biasa ajah kok ^^. yang terpenting pake kretivitas yang kamu punya say :D

  3. sippp...asyikk...
    iya-iya...lagi belajar ngedit2 mmg kok....
    have a nice weekend!!