MISSHA Hot Burning Body Gel REVIEW

October 15, 2012

This gel is for improving your body when you do a work-out or exercise. For me this thing is a must, since I born with jellyfatty belly. I have so much problem with my stomach.

Thank you Zatura for letting me try this awesome product !!. Let's see the Diva 

I think this is a deluxe sample size, but you can buy this sample at Zatura Shop. It's content 30ml which is a good size to try. You just need a little and spread it on your belly,arm,and your leg area. NEVER THINK to apply this product on your rounded cheek LOL !

It have thick consistency but very easy to blend. Let's move to pros and cons :)

Pros :
  • Minty fresh smell which is good.
  • Not sticky at all
  • Easy to blend
  • Doesn't make your skin dry and itchy (depends on your skin type / allergy, if you have)
  • Long lasting cooling and heating body effect. (about 1-1.5 hours, average work out session)
Cons :
  • Yep I never found this product at Missha's counter. Have you seen it ?.
  • If you apply this before showering it will become sticky, but I always apply this before take a shower . Because I always take my exercise before showering.
 Where I got this ?
Yep this product already available since today ! Grab it fast before your body not in the right shape (?).
"wooh ! first time I tried this product I think fat inside my belly already melted so freaking fast like it burning inside your body. Then I tried this gel and do the workout, YES! It does help your skin produced more sweat which is good for your body! GET THE RIGHT SHAPE TO YOUR BODY girls!"
See you on few days , I'm gonna upload new video, tutorial, and report :) love you guys
see ya <3

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