Herbal Essences Conditioner (Dangerously Straight)

July 26, 2011

Hia, here's review about my hair conditioner. I already use this thing like 4 months ago recommended by my friend Shara (click for go to her blog).

I LOVE THIS PINK! perfect for me. my hair skin is sensitive and dry. my hair can't life without conditioner. because if i only put shampoo on my hair without any conditioner on it. it will like a "sapu ijuk". eww!

okay the review :
  1. SMELLS freaking me out ! SO YUMMEH
  2. Thick Cream formula 
  3. spread easily
  4. Silk finish 
  5. STRAIGHT finish
  6. Smells last longer on your head
How i used this pink guy
  1. Normally wash your hair and rinse it off.
  2. Squeeze your wet hair into half wet (?)
  3. Get the Conditioner ready on your palm 
  4. and use your finger to spread it on your hair
    actually i use it on half of my hair, not all of my hair. and because it's so creamy and thick , It's hard to rinse it off. The finish after you dry it with blower or naturally is silky and straight. so i like to use this when i want curl my hair (huh ?) because i want a loose curly on my hair and this conditioner will do the "loose" thing... emm it's so hard to explain to you guys.

    also Herbal Essences have a lot of version but my the only love is just this version "DANGEROUSLY STRAIGHT" hak! love it! ow ya, on the picture is the larger size. and for me that's only for 3 weeks LOL !

    see ya

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