Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder

July 23, 2011

Hia, Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder. I have been use this powder since 1 years ago. Totally extremely CHEAP!. I think all of Maybelline's Product are adorable cheap. right ?! Mascara only Rp 50.000, and for Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder i thing is only Rp 35.000. sorry If i wrong. because when I buy this I just took the product put on my train and go to the cashier LOL. here's some picture first.

the packaging is turquoise so lovely <3

I got my color in Light. yeah my skin is so LIGHT. it comes with another skin color "HONEY","NATURAL","LIGHT","WHITE". When i use this powder the formula are so amazingly nice!. its cover really nice on my skin also on my redness, acne, and big pores (yes, i have those things).it's cover like a day, shine free! no dewy face look,fragrance free (i hate fragrance powder ewww), and no cake-y skin :D so lovely.
Actually it's come with a powder puff , but it's so small!! and i don't like it. so when i put on my face i just use a powder brush. the result when you put with puff and brush is so different. I prefer use powder than the puff. Powder give a natural effect, it's like you're not wearing a powder but the powder are on your face (HUH ?). 

I do used this powder for everyday look. But, no product is perfect. this product absolutely un-waterproof . when you are in the sunbathing (LOL) and sweating, and the water goes to your face your sweat color will be "beige" LOL !. but it doesn't give a "water mark" on your face.

VERY RECOMMENDED for a teenage girl like me, a beginner on makeup, also a working girl. why ? it's only use 2 minutes or less to put on your face. it's blend perfectly on your skin. it's not to hard to use this product. :D good luck for try this product.

see ya

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