Maybelline [LIP] SMOOTH

July 30, 2011

Hia, My sweety friends. today is MAYBELLINE LIP SMOOTH (Color & Care) Review. Seriously, SHOCKED ! I never knew that Maybelline have a lip balm. and the timing is so perfect. My Nivea Lip Balm is out of stock and I try to search a new lip Balm at Guardian. and I found this pinky stuff ! aww so lovely. I love the Packing Simple and PINK!

It's only Rp 21.000. and come with another "taste" Strawberry, Cranberry, Mandarin. Strawberry is the lighter color. 
  1. Have a great Finish not shinny but moisturizing
  2. I have a dry lips but it's really give my lips a healthy lips look alike.
  3. No Fragrance (yeah I think, because i can't smell it)
  4. It's a TINTED LIP BALM (so, The color is not to pop out)
  5. it's give my lip more smooth and soft.
  6. It's not a beeswax but Candelilla Wax, 
  7. Come with Burberry Fruit extract,Petrolatum Jelly, Safflower Seed oil.(So nature, another mother earth beauty)
  8. Protect you with SPF 16

**** (4 Stars) YEAIII!!. actually I don't know is it new or it has been available at Indonesia for a long time. But, seriously I shocked. HAHAHAHA !.
maybe, Maybelline not to show off this product because they on focusing to Maybelline BB cream.
I have a bad smile for lips products swatches.. aaa -_- sorry guys

see ya

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