New Biore Facial Foam

July 26, 2011

Hia, my glowing friends :D. Today i'm gonna share to you about Biore's new Facial Foam. actually, I think they just change the packing but also the formula is change :D. some Picture first ladies...


name also change.  

  1. It's hard to rinse off
  2. More moisturizer
  3. Cream are so thick
  4. The scrubs is so gentle
aw, I love it. Better than the previous . i already use Biore facial foam since 1 year ago its so good for oily face like me. hehe. I think Biore needs to make a Bigger Packing. <3

The new version is come with a combination of 2 Products. anwy, I love the new packing so simple and clean. I do use this like twice a day. morning and night. it's help to absorb oil and dirt. it's fun to try it :D. hehe bye

see ya

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