Maybelline BB CREAM

July 30, 2011

Hia, my Lovely Friends !! . Here's i'm gonna talk about Maybelline BB CREAM . This BB cream has been popular on my country (Indonesia). Maybelline BB Cream only available in Asian ! . I don't know how about the another country like USA, England, etc. but, Ladies... here's 

ow yeah, another turquoise packing. aw <3 . haha!

I had been try this product since 2 weeks ago. I try for school, Hang out with friends, also walking above the sun. and the result is.... teng teng teng **** (4 stars).

why ?! seriously for the first time experience i just use this without any powder to set my face. and i used it for go to school. and is so oily and dewy skin in the noon. aww :( so disappointed.

BUT ! when you set it with powder. I use Maybelline Clear Smooth pressed powder its stay longer and still have a great skin in the noon.

1. Looks like a foundation. 2. Pad Pad it on. 3. and Blend it (finish look)
that's swatches on my skin. haha !! my hand LOOKS CREEPY!!

okay,again! maybelline has a cheap product. it's only Rp 39.000 at Wats*ns Li**o Kar*waci. it's not a great deal because cream is only 18ml. i Don't have idea why maybelline package this product into a small amount like this!!!! I need more.

ow yah.
  1. doesn't have skin type. its only  : "FRESH"
  2. Protects SPF 26/ PA+++ (it's doesn't fall over on my skin when i sweating) (sorry! bad grammar also english)
  3. it's can covers your dark circle. just put it double on your dark circle
  4. NO FRAGRANCE ! (oyeah!)
  5. come with 8 Mineral Ingredients (mother earth beauty)
It's doesn't looks like you wearing a foundation. the formula is so light. it's also moisturizes your skin, brightens, and protects you from son of sun.

Recommended for ??
  1. Teenage Girl 
  2. Beginner on makeup
  3. A girl who always wearing a makeup everyday 
It's so easy to blend and also so fast to used it. :D Good luck for try it.

see yaa

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  1. pengen beli:D hehehe harganya ini kira-kira brp kak? oh iya, follow back blog aku ya kak^^ makasiih~~

    1. kalo engga salah aku beli waktu itu 30an yah hhe . oke :)