Taupe Eye (Monolids eyes)

August 25, 2011

Hi, My lovely friends and reader ♥. How are you today ? ^^. here I'm gonna share my taupe eye looks...

I'm sorry for lame editing photo. 

yeah ! I just do it on one eyes hahahahahahahahah ! okay , it's just the sneak peak of the final looks. just stay tune on my blog :) don't forget to follow. *dancing*

if you ask where is the mascara ?
I don't used any mascara... it's already night and if I used mascara it's gonna be hard to remove :(

F.Y.I : I just used e/s on this eye haha!

ow yeah, I know contact lens are important for asian. but sorry :( I can't used any contact lens. because i don't have any problem with my eyes and my Mom doesn't like contact lens and worry if i used it... :D

Have a nice day and God bless 

see ya <3

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