Line Allure Liquid Eyeliner by Maybelline Eyestudio

August 29, 2011

Hi, My lovely friends ♥. so today review is drum roll please (droom droom droomm) HAHA ! LINE ALLURE LIQUID EYELINER BY MAYBELLINE EYESTUDIO.

yes, allure. i was allure with this eyeliner. just saw it at Maybelline Counter hmmm i was "okay, grab it and go to the cashier don't think any else again". okay let me give you The fact of me : Me = Maybelline Junkies AHAHA ! I do used a lot of maybelline products. okay stop promoting and now the review :)

The packaging quite small and simple. cute !. price Rp 56.000 (5$ - 6$) . it's so hard to got this thing because I think Maybelline not issued this again. hmmm... and this product quite un-famous :P right ?

This eyeliner had a hard tip applicator. for the first time I was like "argh !! so hard !!" but i do believe PRACTICE MAKES IT PERFECT. Haha and for the liquid formula hmm i don't but it looks like a mascara formula seriously ! it's made my lashes stiff.

see ? first attempt LOL it's so hard !

Okay I knew it's so stupid compare Maybelline with a regular liquid eyeliner (My darling) LOL. I like My Darling eyeliner because it's so easy to applying but the formula its not good enough haha !
  1. first photo : yep, applying side by side. Maybelline dried so fast
  2. Second photo : I rub it little bit solid. can you see ? Maybelline still stand out but have a little bit ruined. My darling almost gone -_-
  3. Water test : I just drop a little bit of water and rub it. WOW ! Maybelline still survived HAHA ! My darling again, almost gone :P
  4. and final test. I just rag it with a cotton and My darling already died. and Maybelline stil survived but just a little bit.
hmm ! well , Maybelline just won. HAHA ! 

Another test, FYI : I have oily skin. I used this eyeliner for hang out (\m/) with my family. Weather condition is night. wow ! I was shocked because the lasting power is so good enough it's doesn't smudge.

(from left to right)
  1. yep a little bit ruined but its okay
  2. ruined perfectly -0-. but okay lah
  3. but, when I open my eyes the eyeliner looks so nice. that's why i love MONOLIDS EYES! hell yeah asian :P HAHA !

Final review 
Score : 4.5 (say yes for the lasting power)
Packaging : 3 (it's so simple hahaha!)

Adore :
  • Lasting power
  • Quite waterproof 
  • Perfect for asian.
  • Not smelly 
  • Cheap
  • Great for oily skin
Problem :
  • Hard to apply
  • Hard to find
  • The product doesn't stick with the applicator (emm ?) so you must deep it again and again...
Repurchase Marsha ? Maybe, but i wanna try another liquid eyeliner :) 

so, that's all baby. See you soon have a nice day and God bless 

see ya <3 

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