Yoko : SPA Milk Salt

August 24, 2011

Hi my lovely friends . so today review is Yoko : Spa Milk Salt. I knew a lots of beauty blogger are already review about this one. But, yeah I want post this review on my blog since 1 months ago and always forget haha ! 

haha sorry for the lighting, i took the picture on my bathroom

1. still dry ; 2. add a little drop of water ; 3. rub rub rub

 okay the packaging said :
  1. Whitening
  2. Smooth & Baby Skin (wow !)
  3. Enriched Vitamin E 
So the packaging said that. and the fact is... emm well, until now i still cannot see the result of this product. I used this product like everyday and used this for rub my death skin like neck area, knees, elbows, also armpit (hmmmm LMAO). 

okay again, the packaging said the products have Vitamin E. now we gonna talking the benefits of Vitamin E for our skin :

  1. improve skin elasticity and moisture
  2. prevent premature aging
  3. protects the skin from damage caused by ultraviolet radiation
  4. as well as accelerate the wound healing process  
why I underline the last benefit ? because I think this is the only effect that i can see. I have a wound on my finger. I rub the salt used my finger and OUCH ! hurt !! so much !! much much much. but, when I wake up and see my wound its gone !! gone  ! O.O (emm, little bit hyper right ?)

Rate : 4 / 5
Like :
  • I just like the smell but it's not last longer than I thought 
  • maybe the Vitamin E really works 
  • Cheap . only Rp 25.000 I think...
  • easily found on Drugstore or like Supermarket

Hate  :

  •  No, I don't hate this product but I think i still confused about the result of this product...
 Repurchase :
I don't think so but I wanna try the another version of this Yoko Spa Milk Salt.

so, Good luck and God Bless 

see ya <3

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