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August 14, 2011

hi, sorry for just posting on sunday or saturday. because i'm a student :P.

OKEY , my Lovely Friends wazzap !. Today I'm gonna review about Ponds Natural Beauty. Unilever give me a sample of Ponds Natural Beauty and arrive safely. LOL ! here's the baby first.

I just got scared to use ponds product because Ponds White Beauty successfully made a lots of PIMPLES !.
so I Raised all my brave (LOL) and I try this product for go to school. and tadaaa

Review :
  1. easily to spread on your face 
  2. cream are so light not heavy
  3. doesn't had a strong smell like the another Ponds Product
  4. you just need a small amount to all entire face
  5. Stay long (i used for school, still stay on my face until noon)
  6. made my face look glowy shiny, and health effect ( my friends said : "what on your face ? are you use a powder ? it's look nice" and I Said "Nope! Lol"
Dislike :
  1. it's not waterproof

Swatches , see only that amount I can spread it to all my hands.

also it's come with a Beauty Book. who explain what's is Camillea Leaf, How to massage your face for day cream, Night cream, and Facial Foam. aw, I do the massage and it's make my face relax. :D 

so, that all. if you have a question feel free to ask me and put a comment below. I will be pleased to answer all your question :D

Good luck and God Bless 
click here
CLICK THE PICTURE for easily visit Ponds website
 see ya <3

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