Etude House Darling Neon Tint (orange) [sponsored]

November 24, 2012

I must say this lip tint is super uber cute. One of my favorite lip tint, texture, smell, color all are good enough. I thought this lip tint gonna "pop" my lips with vibrant orange color, but the result quite natural and wearable.


Name : Etude House Dear Darling Neon Tint
Color : No. 1 / Orange
Content : 4.5 G
It comes with an applicator like another regular lip gloss. This lip gloss have a very unique texture, It's like a jelly or gel texture.

I find this lip tint doesn't make my lips dry like another lip tint. You also can build the intensity by applying it layer by layer. Do gradation or "ulzzang" lips technique to achieve look that more cute.

Some of you maybe uncomfortable wearing orange lips, but if you do it with right eyes makeup and face you gonna love the result. Wear this with natural eye makeup and face.  I really enjoy wearing an orange lips, Orange makes my face looks brighter and fresh.

Directions :
Apply it on by doting into your lips or glide it on. Spread it with you finger for natural finish.

Pros :
  • Doesn't makes my lips dry
  • Comes in 3 shades
  • Smells good
  • Stain for about 2-3 hours
  • Wearable / natural finish
  • Kissable 
Cons :
  • It gone if you rubbing your lips and after drinking. Solution ? Just apply it again, I find really fun to apply this lip tint
  • A little bit sticky when it applied. But, after that it's doesn't feel sticky at all.
 Where I got this ?
You can order ?
PO Korea is start now until 30 November 2012
  • etude
  • skinfood
  • faceshop
  • missha
  • itskin (new brand)
  • holika holika
  • tonymoly
You can order all the product at the website, besides it's too heavy or insecure.  
Visit their website for more info!
SMS, Telp/Whatsapp 08-9999-02019
YM: order.zaturashop / order.zaturascg
Pin BB : 215D716F

PICTURES SPAM !! really love this stuff!

Isn't that cute?! love it!! Thanks for read this article if you have any question just please let me know :).

see ya <3

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  1. Looks cuute! :3
    I'd also really like to try the light pink one.
    Thanks for the review~

  2. i'm nominating u.. check it in here..

  3. Warnanya bgt...kelihat bedaaa...cantikk mar:)

  4. satu aja kurangnya ini : paitttt hahahaha (suka ngejilat bibir sih)
    tapi suka sama pekejing sama warnanya yang pigmented banget ^^
    nice review~

  5. Orange looks great on you! Great review.

    1. yeah!! but, if my face are full with makeup. if not, it turns really ugly ! haha

  6. I'm really interested in using this product as a blush. How does it look on the cheeks? It's such a huge trend in Korea right now and it's so hard trying to find an orange tint to my liking.

    Thanks for the review and please visit me on my blog :)