Too Cool For School Marshmallow Puff (Korean dewy finish video) [sponsored]

November 26, 2012

Never feels this easy to apply foundation / BB Cream. Comes in cutie name "Marshmallow Puff" this "puff" reminds me of beauty blender that becomes really phenomenal in this few years. Hmm, Let's see the results of this sponge :)


You can watch live review from this video, you gonna see the result more detail.

Beauty blender already removed foundation brush position from a lots of professional Makeup Artist tools. But, when we see the price well it's absolutely not affordable for a girl likes me. So, we need something that works in the same way but it's still affordable to get. Some of korean brand already made this kind of sponge, but this is the version from Too Cool For School.

When you applying your foundation or bb cream, I think the best way is by pad-in it on into your skin. The pigmentation gonna works well and can cover your redness,uneven skin shade, and so on. This sponge is really easy to use and gives me dewy finish because it's has a small pores on it. Maybe, some of you sick using sponge to apply your face makeup because it's absorb a lots of your product. You need to soak this first into water, so it won't absorb your product as much as before it not soaked.

Sponge works as fine as your fingers. Peoples said use your finger to apply your foundation/bb cream and your fingers gonna get dirty and gross. Then, you will end up with fresh opened zit because your fingers are dirty. I think sponge is the best way to apply as pretty as your fingers but with some good benefits.

Soak sponge into a water before using it

Flawless ! just please ignore my acne scars!
Instructions :
  • first, always soak this sponge into water
  • remove any excess water. make sure when you squeeze it no more excess water comes out.
  • Doting your bb cream/foundation into your face
  • stippling, bounce or pad this sponge to blend the foundie/bbcream on yor skin.
Pros :
  • You can use this sponge for over and over again
  • Affordable 
  • Easy to use (read the instructions)
  • Your finger never get dirty again, after found and use this sponge to apply your face makeup.
  • Size is not too small or big, match with asian face.
  • Flawless face 
Cons :
  • Hard to clean this . Solution ? Use the actually makeup tools cleanser, when I tried to cleaned this I just using regular gentle shampoo.
Where I got this ?
SMS, Telp/Whatsapp 08-9999-02019
YM: order.zaturashop / order.zaturascg
Pin BB : 215D716F

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Recommended product by Marsha BlushOff

see ya  <3

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  1. Wah ada produk packaging lucu. Sponge nya unik banget. Mauuu. Aku malah lg Pengen too cool for school yang lunchbox.
    Teknik aplikasinya bisa aku tiru nih untuk aplikasi bb cream yang masih ada. Biar masuk ke dalam dan dewy kan ya :)

    Makasih marshaa :*