Thursday, November 22, 2012

Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner [Sponsored]

Still searching for waterproof eyeliner ? here's I give you the answer. Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof liquid eyeliner, stay on likes super glue. Stay all day long, this eyeliner makes my life more easier and much better :'). Thank you Papuros Shop.

So, Let's see the review you will find out why I'm being so impressed with this eyeliner.



Holika holika needs improve their packaging. At least, put english on it!!! I can't find any information from the packaging. One thing I knew it's only "Holika holika Jewel Light Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner" and Made in Korea okay! So, my "surfing" began by googling again and I only get that it comes in 5 shades. But, I can forgive it by looking their pretty packaging it's like dropping jewel border the name.

It's comes with a brush, very pointed also flexible. I never have problem with the applicator, it also reached my inner eyelids which is really deep and unreachable. My crease always cover my inner corner eyes, that's why every time I put eyeliner it's always transfer to my crease. 

The eyeliner have a shimmer , sparkling things. The shimmer doesn't looks like glitter at all. It's really pretty when reflects a light. Shine like a diamond ! but, if you smudge your eyes roughly the shimmer will gone but eyeliner still on. (duh!) Even the packaging doesn't give any information about the color. It's kinda like dark purple (eggplant maybe ?) in flash, without flash it's become darker.

Pros :
  • Waterproof 
  • Not smudging at all (my area condition : Oily) you can cook an egg on my lid
  • Flexible and pointed applicator
  • Dry fast
  • Available in 5 different shades
  • Have metal ball inside to mix the eyeliner.
Cons : 
  • Hard to find. Solution ? Online shop
Rates : 4/5

See another pictures

applied at 4 a.m before go to college
photo taken right after I come back home.
 11 hours later, I wasn't rubbing at all but I took a nap for about 1 hours at my way come back from college (HIKS!). Honestly, I really surprised with the result it doesn't smudging and transferred to my crease at all! yeaiiii

Where I got this ?

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Skin food, Innisfree, Faceshop, Etude House,Too cool for school, Skin79

Thank you papuros shop, So my review sponsored from papuros for November it's end right here :). If you have any question please let me know :). 

see ya <3


  1. nice review, follback yah :)

  2. nice review! :)
    I'm looking for a nice eyeliner that comes with other shades than black, :P this reminds me of MUFE's super pricey aqua liners lol :P

    btw im a new follower! :) follow me back? :))

  3. Woow it really doesn't smudge! Cool :3
    My eyeliners always smudge.. ;__; stupid oily eyelids!