Revlon Best Friend Forever Launching Event

July 06, 2013

As beauty blogger one of my best friend and the one that I can take a long time to be with is my Makeup. I can make my face for about 2 hours sitting in front of mirror and enjoying myself. Makeup is one of my way to relax and enjoying myself. That's what Revlon want between you and your makeups.

I got an Invitation by doing the registration to Carnelline from YEAH ! New organization for Beauty Blogger.

 I never think that Makeup is just a daily routine or an obligation as a woman to use it everyday to attracting a guy. I'm fully agree with Revlon that makeup also can be your best friend... I feel it !. Not just a passion but also something that complete me everyday. Don't judge me...

Located at Bistronomy, South Jakarta. Revlon "high quality product with affordable price", just launched their new products. Revlon Photoready Primer + Shadow, Revlon Photoready BB Cream, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain, Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel. With this 4 new fantastic products. Revlon also introducing you 3 beautiful inspiring woman as their new key opinion leader and Jessica Iskandar as new Revlon Brand Ambassador.

Why Jessica Iskandar ? Because she is Beautiful (okay), Easy-going and Inspiring. Quite enough to be Revlon Brand Ambassador, because they want a woman that represent young attractive and powerful woman. Revlon will targeting young woman start from 20 y.o for their new products, that's why Jessica chosen as Revlon Indonesia Brand Ambassador.

Revlon take "Best Friend Forever" as their concept to launch the product. On the venue we all the media can do any interesting activities such as Photobooth, Nail Art, and Caricature. Too bad, I can't try all of them because the venue was too small for all the media(s) that came on that day.

For the products I promise will review one by one and do the Video Tutorial. Anyway, Revlon Colorstay Longwear nail enamel and Primer + Shadow will be available on their counter at this mid July 2013.

New Revlon Primer + Shadow quads

Revlon Photoready BB Cream in 3 shades (Light, Light Medium, Medium)

Jessica Iskandar as Revlon Brand Ambassador

Ruth, Dinda, Lala (Inspiring Woman) and Jessica Iskandar (Brand Ambassador Revlon)

Revlon New Products

Thank you Revlon Indonesia, Can't wait for your another surprises and new affordable with high quality products. 
Love, Marsha

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  1. Very agree with the first paragraph! I can spend hours just to do makeup for a one hour wedding reception or another formal occasion, haha :p
    Because I can't really have full makeup on for daily. >_<

    Btw, fyi, it is not right to put verb-ing after 'to'. Just write 'to use' 'to attract' :)
    #jiwa mahasiswi nya tergelitik xp

    1. Oh my ! Thank you . I think I need english private lesson from you LOL!