Talika Lipocils Expert Result

July 18, 2013

HO! finally haha! sorry a little bit far away from the deadline. So here's the result of me after using Talika Lipocils Expert for about 28 days - 1 month.

Okay let's straight to the point

Tadaaaa! Tralalalala <3 yippie for me this is absolutely an intense result. Quite different before and after. And I can feel it when I applying mascara it's much more easier than before. I already review the product before CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW if you don't mind you can simply click that link to read the review. Because the result for cons and pros is quite same. The difference is only because I maintain my lashes much more carefully than before such like I do a deep clean before I applying this serum. I always using a waterproof mascara it's kinda pissed me of to clean it, so I usually using my holy grail oil makeup remover (will review it later). So the formula doesn't as much stinks than my previous lipocils.

On my previous review you can barely see the process and result photo in different angle and the result is much more intense than this one. CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW 

So that's the result. Sorry cause I take the photos not in the same exactly angle. But I hope this results will help you to know better about the products.

So here's the claim result :

YES / NO ? YES ! 

Rates ? 4,5 / 5 (Hygienic Issue)
Thank you Talika Indonesia to give me this opportunity to try and trying again this product. I such a big fan for Talika Lipocils Expert. VERY RECOMMENDED FOR ASIAN EYES ! LOL! 



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  1. Saran aja ya kak: harusnya, semua angle fotonya sama semua... tyerutama untuk before use dengan final resultnya hrs sama posisi ambil fotonya.. Biar lebih keliatan, se-signifikan apa perubahannya...

    1. Hai mirielle. di previous review aku. aku ambil dari segala angle :) jadi disitu lebih terlihat perbedaanya. karena ambil angle yang sama itu susah-susah gampang :") dan kamera aku bukan proffesional yang gambarnya langsung jelas. hehe butuh effort yang banyak emang huhu maaf yah